Makeup Bag Must Haves, Part Two

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I believe there are six essential makeup bag must haves for every woman. Last week, I shared my first three makeup bag must haves in Makeup Bag Must Haves, Part One . These products are great for touching up your skin and foundation on the go. Today, I will share with you my final three makeup bag must haves to add a little color and glam to your makeup!

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But now, back to Makeup Bag Must Haves. Watch the video below to get my makeup tips on three versatile products you need to carry with you for quick makeup touch-ups.

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When I narrowed down my makeup bag must haves, I chose products that are not only lightweight and portable but versatile as well. The Nars Multiple Stick is great for adding color to the cheeks and lips on the go. Just use your fingertips and glide a little color onto your cheeks and lips. It couldn’t get easier!


I also really like the BADgal Liner because you can do so many things with it. Not only is it a great eyeliner for touching up your makeup, but you can smudge it into a smoky eye look as well. It’s perfect for keeping in your makeup bag because you can easily take your daytime look into a nighttime look as well.


The last makeup bag must have is the Almay Color Care Liquid Lip Balm . Why settle for just using a regular lip gloss when you can use one that helps moisturize as well? Using this two in one product will help give you a little extra bang for your buck.

Because I like to keep things easy, my three choices for touching up your makeup can all be used with just your fingertips. No brushes necessary! I hope these makeup tips will help you touch up your makeup on the go. For more insider tips on what products I stock my professional makeup kit with, go to In My Makeup Kit .

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